Safe Sport

The following model safeguarding policy as well as other safe sport related documents given below are offered by APSO as a guide to International Paralympic Federations and International Organisations of Sports for the Disabled (IOSDs) seeking to draft their own Safeguarding Policy Statement.

It is not recommended that these documents be copied mindlessly without considering the content of the documents. We also recommend that the International Paralympic Federations/IOSDs review Safeguarding Policy documents of other International Sports Organisations to find examples of best practice. The IOC resources can be a great starting point for that as well.

International Paralympic Federation/IOSD developing Safeguarding Policies and Procedures should form an Internal Safeguarding Working Group which involves individuals from different aspects of the Federation’s operations. This is to ensure buy in from all sections of interest in the Federation and to ensure that there are no gaps in the Federation’s Safeguarding Policies and Procedures.

It is also good practice to form an External Safeguarding Advisory Group comprised of individuals with expertise in safeguarding, legal and medical matters who can provide guidance and support to the Federation in the development and implementation of their Safeguarding Policy and Procedures.


Preparing these documents would be impossible without input from:

APSO express its deepest gratitude to Debbie, Jeanne and Norman for their invaluable support and for their dedication to creating a Safe Sport environment for everyone.